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  1. Bill Beaumont says:

    I gather from the photos that all 3 t-piers may have been set in place in 1921.

    I grew up in Beachland in the 1950s-60s, and spent many summer afternoons at either the sunken pier (at the foot of Canterbury) or at the T-pier (at the foot of Windward). Most of our beach fires were on the Canterbury beach, as well as some riotous July 4th celebrations, and, of course, with our quarts of Stroh’s and bavarian pretzels.

    We started swimming on Memorial Day when the lake temp was about 55F. We didn’t even seem to notice.

    Does anybody know who the ‘kids’ were in the 1921 photo of the new T-pier? Some of these kids might have been the parents of some of the later 50s kids, but I have no way of knowing.

    The Windward T-pier should be repaired. I wonder what the cost would be? As for legal issues, you might need to get a building permit, but I don’t think that would be controversial.


    • Bill Beaumont says:


      Happy July 4th.

      Was any decision ever reached regarding the needed repair to the Windward

      As for the original 3 T-piers, of course I recall the “sunken”, but does anyone
      recall ever seeing a “Landseer T-pier”? I surely do not.

      But, you are right about all of the other submerged stuff, such as house foundations and shuffleboard courts.

      I will say no more about the beach fires.

      Bill Beaumont

  2. Terry Ross says:

    You’re not supposed to talk about the Stroh’s. Pretzels are OK.

    Actually, the picture with the crane and barge is dated 1921, but the picture with the kids is not dated and could be much later. It’s interesting that in the 50s, when the piers were thirty-some years old, one was completely intact and the other two were sunk into the lake and busted up. (The Canterbury pier was heavily damaged, besides being underwater.)

    There were also a lot of other structures in the water between the T-pier and the sunken pier…other piers made of large stone blocks (6’x6′), and a row of steel bollards underwater and sticking up out of the sand, and other mysterious stuff. Anybody have any pictures?

  3. Kristen King (née Ovesen) says:

    Former Beachlanders from the 40s, 50s and 60s gathered at the pavilion on Sunday, October 14, 2012. Some of those who attended came from as far as the west coast. It was wonderful to see former Beachlanders with whom we grew up and reminisce about the “good old days.” Special thanks to those in the neighborhood who graciously opened their homes to those of us who had inhabited them from birth until our adult lives took us elsewhere. We all appreciated your kind hospitality!

    I too remember the three t-piers. The Landseer pier was directly in front of our house. I spent a lot of time on the Canterbury pier trying not to slip on the moss! As Bill Beaumont said those beach fires on the Canterbury end were memorable. We girls spent a lot of time choosing the “right” bathing suit for those evening celebrations:-) Beachland members, please save the t-pier!

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